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Muthana gazed into the mirror and straightened his bowtie for the 17th time that afternoon. He’d finally stopped fiddling with the cufflinks that perfectly accented his tuxedo – the iconic tuxedo that has epitomized suave masculinity for over 50 years. After calculating the exact dose of cologne to spritz across his chest and planning his dance moves for later that night, Muthana was finally ready for prom. He went downstairs. And Greased Lightening was waiting in the driveway.

Muthana had two dates this year; one was his best friend. The other was Netflix.

Back in January, the high school junior tweeted at...


2. Breathe. You’ve been planning for this your whole life. A phone interview. Sweet I got this. Should I start apartment hunting? No, don’t get ahead of yourself. You’ll jinx it!

3. I’ll play it cool like I don’t need them… I really do though… but be cool. Should I use “sincerely” or “regards?” Only grandmas use “sincerely” and I’m a millennial. #hip

4. *spend 4 hours re-reading 2 paragraph email*

5. I spelt my name wrong?!? How did I manage that? My name is Brendan not...

1. Alright, resume? Check. LinkedIn profile? Lookin’ good.

2. Is that picture of me too casual? I mean, I want to seem young and fun, but still professional…whatever, I’m sure employers can appreciate a fun profile pic.

3. Okay, *types in search bar* "entry-level Strat. Comm. position"

4. Ooh their logo looks cool, let’s see. *clicks*

5. “We prefer our interns have three years of field-related experience, all of their future aspirations mapped out and a letter of recommendation from Obama for good measure.”

6. -_-

7. Oookay, onto the next one...

Durex recently provided consumers with an idea for how to spend their Earth Hour, a worldwide event that occurred on March 29 from 8:30-9:30 pm. Earth Hour encourages people to turn off their lights to promote awareness of world energy consumption. Durex’s surprisingly sweet advertisement focuses on couples of all kinds that are absorbed by technology, be it their cell phones, computers, video games, or iPads and suggests that they turn off their devices to engage in some adult time - which, of course, doesn’t include lights. 

So, what's...