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The holidays are (almost) over, and I’m sure many of my YAYA peers have been hearing the same question as me, over and over. With one semester of my college career left, everyone wants to know:


“What’s next?”

“What’s your plan?”

“Where will you go?”


At times I wanted to praise them for their sparkling originality by acting like I had no idea what they were talking about. My answers could have been:


“Discounts at the mall.”

Survive this conversation with (insert...

Well, I’m finally home for the holidays. It’s quite nice, considering how much free time I seem to have at the moment. So how about seeing a movie? “Nah,” I tell my friends, or the acquaintances I force myself to hang out with. “I’ll...

A couple weeks ago a fellow Mojoer posted her 5 easy steps for landing a job and it got me thinking.  While Abbey’s tips are a great place to start, and are essential to any job search, I wanted to expand upon those tips for my fellow creatives out there.


Like Abbey, the search for my first full-time gig was far from what I had expected. I thought finding my first job would be next to impossible,...

           It takes me a long six hours to get to my best friends. This week, I made that journey alone in my car with nothing but the soothing sound of Serial to keep me company.

            I, along with thousands of students from Chicago, am all too familiar with the endlessly exciting ride through the plains of the Midwest. Some are excited for the food (Portillo’s, Harold’s and Garrett’s to name a few) or to reignite with their high school friends. Me? I’m most...